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In a small town in Nebraska, a man named Justin Riddle and his wife were living a modest life with their three children. They were hardworking and honest, but like many, they faced their share of hardships. In 2016, they decided it was time to purchase a house. They applied for a loan with a local bank, CharterWest Bank, known for its expertise in FHA loans. At first, everything seemed smooth, but as time went on, they faced unnecessary comments and hurdles from the bank’s agent. They requested to work with a different agent but were denied. Frustrated, they transferred to a new lender.

Just when they were about to close on their dream home, the new lender found an issue with their FHA case number. The original lender, CharterWest Bank, had altered Justin’s application and denied the loan based on the changes they made. Justin and his wife were shocked and frustrated. They approached the bank with documentation, but instead of addressing the issue, the bank called the police, reporting them as threatening.

Justin was not one to back down. He believed in fairness and justice. He filed complaints with every organization he could think of, including the State Department of Banking and Finance, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, and the Attorney General. However, the system seemed stacked against him. The responses were either dismissive or based on incorrect information.

Determined to fight for what was right, Justin took matters into his own hands. He spent countless hours learning the law, gathering evidence, and preparing documents. He filed a lawsuit against CharterWest Bank. The case was initially dismissed, but Justin didn’t give up. He rewrote and clarified his position, and the case moved forward.

During this time, Justin also faced challenges with the State Department of Banking and Finance. Despite providing evidence that proved the bank’s wrongdoing, the department refused to correct the record. Justin sought the help of the Ombudsman, a government agency meant to be a watchdog for other state departments. However, even the Ombudsman’s office seemed uninterested in pursuing the matter.

Meanwhile, Justin had an idea. He acquired the domain He wanted to use this platform to share his story and the evidence he had gathered. He wanted others to know what he and his family had gone through.

The case eventually reached the Nebraska Supreme Court. Representing himself, Justin stood before the justices and argued his case with clarity and conviction. The opposing attorney seemed lost, but Justin was steadfast. The court ruled in his favor.

While the victory did not change everything, it was a vindication for Justin. He had stood up against a system that seemed impenetrable. He had fought for fairness and justice, not just for himself but for every little guy who might face similar challenges.

Justin Riddle’s story is one of determination, integrity, and an unwavering belief in what is right. It is a reminder that sometimes the ordinary person can achieve extraordinary things when they fight for justice.


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